Voice your values, work with purpose.

Luiza Arcuschin

Founder of Dream Facilitation

Are you seeking transformation, setting new goals, or looking to (re)motivate your team?

I can help you.

With over 6 years of experience, I have worked with organisations all over Europe and Brazil. As a passionate speaker and consultant, I give purpose presentations, team trainings, and all sorts of team workshops. My topics are purpose, entrepreneurship, personal development, and strategic planning.

What to expect:


I have over 6 years of experience and I do my homework. That way I can ensure that my workshops and keynotes are relevant to your team or organisation.


My goal is to motivate your audience. To inspire them to move forward by creating believe in their abilities, presenting them with surprising ideas and insights, and helping them see how they can be successful.


Stories help us better understand and remember information. My stories are inspirational, relatable, and energising! I combine my own experience with those of my dreamers to share relatable information with you and your team.


I value authenticity and connection. So expect personable, positive, and jargon-less talks.

Organisations I’ve worked with:

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