Roberta Dubeux Springer is a talented pianist and composer. Brazilian living in Germany, she combines the essence of both cultures coming up with beautiful melodies.

The Mandalas is a serie of compositions for piano inspired by the texts and mandalas from Draupradi Uellendahl “Göttliche Eigenschaften” or Divine Qualities of God.

With my series of Mandalas I want to set scenarios for introspection and reflection. It is less about keeping our minds busy and more about creating ambiances, where our emotions play the central role. The world has became too loud and busy and so have our minds. What do we say to ourselves when we are alone? Music listening is a lonely activity. I wish people listen to the Mandalas when they need a quiet time to listen to themselves.

The compositional process happens like improvisations. The inspiration comes from the texts and mandalas by Draupradi Uellendahl. It’s an intuitive playing with very little thinking involved in it. It’s about being in the flow and accepting what comes. If I am ready to record it, then voilà, a new song is in its way!