Think of design as a tool to move from problem to solution.

Now think about your life and the future.

What if we can design a new reality?

Join us for a creative brainstorm and help us co-create a new reality for the future. Using the design thinking method and its exercises, we want to gain new insights and prototype a future that can transform our reality forever!

In just a few hours, we’ll be able to create and prototype a new reality, forged by simple yet powerful ideas that we can implement tomorrow! We’ll touch on things that you can never think about before.

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This workshop is the kick-off of ‘Purpose In Action Toolbox’ – a series of workshops designed to help you find the way to do it. More infos bellow.


  • Clarissa Biolchini, Founder of Archipelago. Clarissa facilitates innovation processes and empowers teams in organizations. She is a designer with MBAs in and marketing and Art history and also a lecturer at PUC University and other business schools. Clarissa is also a lecturer at TEDx an has given more then 100 talks and workshops.
  • Larissa Menocci, partner at Archipelago and Dream Facilitation. Larissa uses strategic tools to help organisations find their purpose, and use their power to create new realities. She graduated in Social Communication, specialising in International Marketing and E-Business.
  • Luiza Arcuschin, Founder at Dream Facilitation. Luiza empowers individuals and organisations to turn their purpose into action through hands-on consulting and group workshops. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specialising in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. She also holds an MBA in Management and Technology.

‘Purpose in Action Toolbox’ is a series of workshops in which Luiza and other talented experts will help you explore different tools and methodologies to turn your purpose into action. From Theory U and Ikigai, to Golden Circle and Business Model Canvas – we will guide you through a process of realising your purpose and finding new ways to take action!

The workshops series:

Designing Futures (FREE), 2nd of February.
Theory U, 12th of February.
Connecting the Dots, 19th of February.
Ikigai, 26th of February.
Golden Circle, 5th of March.
Business Model Canvas, 12th of March.
Communication, 19th of March.
Turning your purpose into action, 26th of March.


This course is for individuals who would like to turn their purpose into action by starting a new project, implementing a transition or finding ways to live their dream. We will explore different tools and exercises, and there will be enough time for you to prototype your dream.


This series is made up  8 weekly workshops, each one being 2,5 hours long. Sign up for our first workshop ‘Designing Futures’ for free at Eventbrite here.

This series is made up  8 weekly workshops, each one being 2,5 hours long.

In order to make this workshop accessible to all, every workshop will have CONSCIOUS CONTRIBUTION registration fee. We will give participants the freedom of consciously choosing with how much would you like to contribute.

As we only have 15 places available per session, we kindly ask you to register with a €15 commitment fee, and after the workshop we will give you the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution.

You can also choose to sign up for the whole series and receive a 20% discount, paying only €85 commitment fee for all 8 workshops! Get in touch for more info.

Get in touch for more info at [email protected]