Do you have a dream, project, or idea that makes your heart beat faster every time you think about it? Are you ready to take action and turn that idea into reality?

Great. Let me help you.

We live in a time where more and more people have the opportunity to explore what they want to do with their life. How can we express our life’s purpose? What does it mean to live a happy and meaningful life?

The process of figuring this out can be a complex and lonely one. Where do you start? How can you take that first important step?

1-1 consulting

Through hands-on, personal consulting, I help you turn your purpose into action by transforming your career, help you start a new project or grow your existing business. What we discuss depends entirely on you and your dream.

As your partner, I will offer you the strategy, support, and encouragement to make it all happen. It’s my goal to advice and guide you in your process of expressing your life’s purpose, making it possible for you to live and fulfil your dream.

•  Build your business on a solid foundation of personal values
•  Thrive on both a professional and personal level
•  Map out all steps towards making it happen
•  Organize your finances and create a strong financial foundation
•  Have the focus, motivation and confidence to move forward
•  Bring your business or career to the next level!

Guiding principles

Hands-on approach

Turning ideas into reality and making things happen are my main talents. My approach is very hands-on because I believe in the power of action towards empowering people to move forward. By using different tools and methodologies, I can help you take all necessary steps to transform your career, start a new project or structure and grow your existing business..


As your partner, I will offer my energy, experience, and knowledge to facilitate your journey. But alone I cannot make your dream come true. You must take responsibility, leadership and be fully committed to our process, in order to make things happen.


Realising your dream is the daily process of putting your purpose into practice. That is why I value our process so much. It’s important for you to trust your own journey and allow yourself the space to figure things out. I encourage you to bring a notebook to each session and write down any thoughts, ideas, or insights that you might have so you reflect on them afterwards.


Everything you tell me and everything that we discuss during our sessions will stay between us, unless you specifically tell me to share it with someone else. It is very important to me that you and your ideas are safe with me.

Personal and professional

As a Dream Facilitator, I combine both my personal and professional experiences to help you the best I can. I hope you will do the same. Even when we are discussing business-related things, the human touch should always be present. You have to be connected to every aspect of your life in order to thrive.

my consulting process

Using different tools and methodologies, I will help you discover your full potential. We will find answers to some important questions: What drives you in life? How can you impact the world, using your unique skill set?

Time to crystalize your vision and intentions. You will find ways to turn your ideas into reality and formulate a tangible project or business idea. Then we will create a plan of action with clear and structured steps so you can move forward.

The focus of our partnership and my favorite part: hands-on action. Together we will work on realising your goals and solving any operational issues: financial structure, marketing positioning, networking opportunities, team growth.

tools & methodologies


Theory U

Our consulting process follows the Theory U methodology (MIT), designed to help people connect with their true selves, understand their future possibilities, and implement profound and sustainable change.

Design thinking

Using this process, we apply design thinking methodologies to provide dreamers with creative and out-of-the-box tools to solve different problems.

Oasis game

Dream Facilitation is inspired by the Instituto Elos mission and methodologies of creating a movement to materialize collective dreams.


Business Model Canvas

We apply these strategic planning tools for dreamers to develop and visualizing business models or personal life/career projects.


We help dreamers to apply the Objectives and Key Results framework for implementing their strategies by defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes.

Designing your Life

Inspired by this guide, we support dreamers to design, prototype and build a life they love.



We apply the Ikigai framework as one of the tools to support dreamers to connect and better understand their purpose in life.

Golden Circle

This model is very useful to help dreamers structure and communicate their purpose, values and activities.


Dream Facilitation offers tailored strategic consulting to help your team or organization to connect with their inner strengths, define a strong vision and set complementary goals. We help you create an action plan to enable you to infuse purpose into your organization’s strategy, process, and culture.

Ready to turn your dream into action?