Are you ready to live your dream?

To become the best version of yourself and live a life that is authentic, meaningful and truly transformational?

Dream Facilitation is a movement that empowers dreamers just like you to discover, map, and implement projects that will fulfill your purpose.


In this hands-on collaborative process, Luiza combines her professional background and personal experiences to empower you to turn your purpose into action. 


Our workshops give you what you need to start living a more meaningful life by voicing who you are and what you want. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and passionate individuals who are looking for their next big thing – everyone’s welcome to come and dream!


Luiza is a passionate speaker who can inspire your team to find more purpose, both on a personal and professional level. She also hosts free meetups in Berlin for those interested in purpose.

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Breno Valentini

“Luiza has a unique profile which combines her business acumen and entrepreneurial skills with her soft soul and deep spiritual evolution. The sessions with Luiza will get you out of your comfort zone and will make you change your approach to life – making it your most important project. Get ready to roll your sleeves and get your dream in action. “

Marina Morelli

“I’ve became more confident about my work. Finding my purpose and elaborating a business plan for the future helped me to envision new opportunities, define clear goals and start taking action. “

Ivan Arcuschin

“Luiza presented me with business management tools and theoretical and practical exercises, which allow me to experience an experience of positive transformation in my career, in my personal life, and in the way of seeing the reality in which we live.”

Ana Tereza

“A fundamental process for the expansion and growth of my dream. Ideas were organized, enthusiasm was shared with Luiza and new ideas emerged from our conversations, increasing the possibilities of actions!”

Vinicius Kitahara

“It’s great to have someone listening and helping with my challenges and next steps. It helps me create a greater commitment to my own project, as well as organizing ideas and solving operational issues that I could not develop on my own.”

Julia Cavalcante

“Luiza helped me to persist in what I believe. Following my dream was a decision, it’s a mission. The process combines Luiza’s sensitivity with her technical background in consulting and management. I felt comfortable opening up truly intimate issues that help me get closer to my dream.”

Roberta Dubeux

“The meetings help me to focus and not feel alone in the process. They help me verbalize my ideas in order to make them more concrete, which is an important step towards their realization. In addition, I rely on your inputs in the form of new ideas, planning, structuring, tools and criticisms.”

Aya Verdier

“She made me realize what was really at my core and how I can change to achieve my life purpose. She has this amazing protective “aura” that creates a safe space to dive deep in one’s self. She is not a coach or consultant, she is really a Dream Facilitator and I am really blessed to be working with her.”